Local 2088 

Salutes the Retirees

Tom Jones     Ted Ebert     Ron Walker      Doyle Wood

James Hoel      Victor Boulanger      Hubert Crawley      Craig Byron

Michael Alderson      Richard Witters      Pete Taylor     Greg Dahlgren

Dave Ray      Dave Brown      John Regan      Steve Beck

Art Larson      Bill White      Ken Brush      Richard Franklin

Buddy Wampole      Earl McCoy      Dennis McCollum       Richard Brewster

Sam Ruljancich      Gary LaPine      David Hansen      Steve Dyer

Frank Schonians      Richard Francis       Steve Kohler      Sally Blake

Rob Bennatts      Ted Fehr     Gary Sacha     Steve Rydeen   Dave Ewing

Matt Hickey           Loren McFarland              Ken Reed           John Borden

Jeff Johnson

 A retiree is not just a firefighter who worked with us. A retiree is a firefighter who gave part of his life to help people unselfishly.  They helped the department grow. They are always part of our family and will be admired for their contributions in the Tukwila Fire Department and their community.