Tukwila Firefighters Local 2088

 The 65 members of the Tukwila Fire Fighters are proud to be members of and affiliated with the International Association of Fire Fighters and the Washington State Council of Fire Fighters.

Serving a night time population of 19,100 and a daytime population that averages approximately 150,000, the members of the Tukwila Fire Fighters Association provide not only Fire Protection/Prevention Services but Emergency Medical Services as well. Bordered by the Cities of Seattle, Renton, Kent, Skyway and Sea-Tac, the Fire Fighters of Tukwila are very proud to assist and be assisted by the fellow brothers and sisters of their respective International Association of Fire Fighters Affiliates.

Bisected by Interstate 5 and Interstate 405, Tukwila finds itself presented with more than the usual number of transportation related emergencies. In 1975, the members of Tukwila Fire Fighters Association helped in forming the first Hazardous Materials Response Team in the State of Washington. Because the length of the city carries the main southern railroad service into the City of Seattle, we find ourselves with many railroad transportation related incidents.

In 1989, the members of Local 2088 also recognized that our city is a primary hazard area if and when a major earthquake strikes the Puget Sound region. With this said, our members sought training in the country’s best training grounds. California. The members of Local 2088 after receiving certification from the California State Fire Marshal’s Office – Training Division formed the FIRST Urban Rescue Team in the State of Washington.

The members of the Tukwila Fire Fighters Association are proud to lead the fire service of Washington on setting the standard of care for the State. Operating out of 4 stations, the 65 members of Local 2088 operate 3 full time engine companies (minimum staffing of 1 officer and 2 fire fighters), 1 full time Ladder Company (minimum staffing 1 officer, 2 fire fighters) and a Battalion Chief.

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